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Now THAT’S a Great Idea.

It’s not uncommon (at least with the people I’ve hung out with) to start a night out having a beer and catching up on the week but END the night with about 20 “good” business ideas in your back pocket. We’ve all got ideas. So, how do you know if it’s something worth...

When Good Leads Go Bad

If you're a business owner, you've likely had to do some sales... whether it's your "thing" or not. For myself, I enjoy the process of sales but not always the reality of doing things like cold calling potential customers or simply asking for money. It's awkward. And...

The Lone Cowboy

You've likely heard a tale or two about a lone cowboy - an independent dude here to save the day without any help from anybody. I'm not really a fan of old Western films, but I'm sure you know the archetype. Or you've at least seen that clip of John Wayne driving in a...

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